A Career in Community Development from The University of Edinburugh

TUECommunity Learning and Development

This is a very diverse field, with opportunities to work in areas such as literacy and numeracy, employment skills, community arts, youth projects and community development. Workers aim to bring about social change by involving individuals and communities in identifying needs and helping to address them.

They are often based in disadvantaged areas and may work with specific groups, for example unemployed people or ethnic minority groups.  Local authorities and charities are major employers and provide steady employment, but this work is very often project-based so many CLD workers will change jobs often. Experienced workers will be involved in setting up and managing projects, applying for funding from various sources, and hiring and training staff and volunteers.

A degree in Community Education or related subject is usually required, and a significant record of related work experience or volunteering is usually expected as evidence of commitment and enthusiasm.

To find out more about this career visit The University of Edinburgh’s website.

References: The University of Edinburgh. 2018. Retrieved from https://www.ed.ac.uk/careers/your-future/options/occupations/social-guidance-community/community-learning

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