Newbold Trust

NTA transformative social enterprise run by a small community committed to sustainability and nurturing positive change in the beautiful North East of Scotland. We offer workshops, retreats, venue hire and accommodation, within easy reach of mountains, forest and coast. They invite you to come and join them to experience sustainable living at Newbold.

SDG_Icons-11Newbold Trust (NT) is committed to the idea of building a culture of sustainability, both as a community and as a social enterprise. As a community they work to create sustainable relationships, in recognition that the inter-connected nature of life is key to creating a more holistic approach to how they live and care for their environment.  As a social enterprise, they aspire to work in a way that is synergistic, collaborative and future-orientated. Contributing to the growth of life sustaining systems for all is a part of their vision.

It’s important to be clear that we don’t do all these things perfectly ourselves. NT are, however, committed to learning by trying things out and often find that we learn from our guests as well. What is important for us is going on a voyage of learning together which is also enjoyable. They are fond of the saying “If it isn’t fun it isn’t sustainable”

NT have a lot to offer including tailored retreats, venue hire, workshops and courses, volunteer programmes, guest stays, yoga and meditation, many local activities and community engagement that will keep you interested in the movement that is sustainability.

If you would like to know more visit the Newbold Trust website, or follow them on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

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