Camphill Scotland

CSCamphill Scotland (CS) is the membership body for the 11 Camphill communities in Scotland. Together, their members support more than 500 people with learning disabilities and other support needs, ranging from children to older people. The communities are located in a variety of beautiful settings across Scotland, from Dumfries to Aberdeen. Each offers a supportive community life with personalised opportunities to find purpose and belonging through a wide range of social, cultural and work activities.

CS’s aims and objectives include facilitating for their members development as social care providers and build their national profile and influence.

CS aim to ensure that their members:

  • Meet the highest modern standards of care and fulfil the original Camphill ethos, and
  • Remain recognised leaders in the fields of social care and learning disability

CS do this by:

  • Giving communities a national voice on key issues impacting upon the lives of people with a learning disability and other support needs
  • Raising awareness of the work of the Camphill communities in Scotland by engaging with key audiences, including the Scottish Government, MSPs, local authorities, NHS Health Boards, the social care regulators and users and carers groups
  • Contributing to the development of policies and legislation affecting people with a learning disability and other support needs
  • Updating and engaging with their members in the wider social care environment, including regulatory and legislative changes and sector-wide developmental opportunities
  • Supporting communities to learn from each other and to work collaboratively in areas of mutual interest

To find out more about what they do visit Camphill Scotland’s website here or follow them on Twitter.

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