Scotland’s International Development Alliance

SIDAScotland’s International Development Alliance (SIDA) is the membership body for everyone committed to creating a fairer world, free from poverty, injustice and environmental threats, this is described as their vision.

Their mission includes engaging with people and organisations in Scotland about international development and to facilitate their informed support; To support people and organisations in Scotland contributing to effective international development to strengthen their support base and improve their impact and to represent their members and the people and communities they serve, to local, national and international decision-makers.

Formed in 2000 as the Network of International Development Organisations in Scotland (NIDOS). Between 2000 and 2016 SIDA membership numbers grew from a standing start to over a hundred.  They had two categories of membership: full members being international development organisations based or represented in Scotland and associate members being other types of organisations, specifically universities or voluntary organisations which were primarily national in focus but also had international activities.

They have a global reach, with members working in at least 142 countries with a wide range of specialisms.  We make our members more powerful by enabling them to network, learn from each other, raise more funds and have more influence.

To be involved as a member or to find out more about Scotland’s International Development, you can visit their website HERE, or follow them on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

References: Scotland’s International Development Alliance. 2018. Retrieved from

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