Planning Aid for Scotland

PASPlanning Aid for Scotland (PAS) activities include everything from offering free planning advice and mentoring service, to tailored training and public engagement events catering for members of the public, planning professionals, local authorities / public bodies, elected members, community groups, young people, volunteers, and for those simply interested in how planning is shaping their environment.

PAS does not advocate for or against plans or proposals, rather they enable people to become involved in plans for their local community from the earliest opportunity. Not everybody is aware of the extent to which they can influence decisions about their local environment, particularly young people. PAS provides people with the skills and information to engage positively with planning.

PAS’s services are delivered by a combination of staff, associates, and a large volunteer network of more than 400 built environment professionals, including planners, architects, landscape architects and legal experts. Their personnel offer not only their time but share their professional skills to enable people to engage proactively with the planning system.

Volunteering is at the heart of what PAS do and they make a considerable investment in their volunteers, but in return they add unique value to their products and services, something widely appreciated by our clients and partners.

To view Planning Aid for Scotland and more on what they do, you can visit their website HERE, or follow them on FACEBOOK or TWITTER.

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