Eco-Friendly Accommodation in Scotland

EFS.pngIt is becoming easier and easier to be green, even when you’re on holiday. And better still, you needn’t forgo life’s little luxuries on an eco-friendly trip in Scotland, unless you fancy getting back to basics, of course. You can sleep soundly on holiday in the knowledge that you’ve picked green accommodation with high environmental and ethical standards. Chances are you won’t even notice much difference, but the planet will.


Accommodation, attractions, tour companies and tourism businesses are all reducing, re-using and recycling to make your holiday more sustainable.

Many of these eco-friendly places have a bronze, silver or gold award from Green Tourism for offering a good quality of service, working to minimise their energy and water consumption, and meeting various ecological requirements.

Green Tourism members also work to source produce, products and materials locally where possible and responsibly from ethical initiatives such as the Fairtrade movement.

There are more and more Eco and Green friendly holiday attractions appearing around the world and Scotland is no different.

If you plan on making a trip around Scotland, make it an eco-friendly one. To find out more about the available options to do this check out the website VisitScotland HERE, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

References: VisitScotland. 2018. Retrieved from

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