Social Enterprise Scotland

Social Enterprise Scotland (SES) is The Voice of Social Enterprise – uniting social enterprises and their supporters into a strong campaigning force. They’re your gateway to Scotland’s social enterprise community.SES

SES is an independent, Scottish, membership-led organisation, built and controlled by social enterprises. SES are the first point of contact for the media and public and promote a positive vision for social enterprise. Membership is open to anyone. JOIN ONLINE TODAY in a few easy steps and discover the great package of benefits and how to access their influential networks.

SES are based in Edinburgh’s city centre and are pro-actively engaged with their social enterprise partners, the public sector, the media, the private sector and the wider public. They work in partnership with many other organisations within the broad social enterprise movement, alongside The Scottish Government and Parliament and local authorities.

SES offer a wide-ranging membership package and help you navigate the world of social enterprise.

To find out more about Social Enterprise Scotland and what they do check out their website HERE and have a look around, or follow them on FACEBOOK or TWITTER,

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