The Findhorn Ecovillage

Findhorn EcovillageThe Findhorn Ecovillage (FE) is a mixture of some of the very best of current thinking on sustainable human settlements. It is a constantly evolving model used as learning environment by many universities and school groups as well as by professional organisations and municipalities worldwide.

The ecovillage model presents itself as an inspiring and viable solution to eradication of poverty and degradation of the environment, while combining a supportive social-cultural environment with a low-impact lifestyle. The ecovillage at Findhorn has erected 61 ecological buildings to date and there are ongoing plans for the continued construction of an ecologically respectful built environment. Findhorn founders started with growing extremely large vegetables in their modest family garden to today’s forest garden in the hinterlands of the Park, co-creation with nature and agriculturally productive ecosystems have always been at the centre of Findhorn life. Using solar, wind and wood, combined with highly energy-efficient features in our new buildings, the FE now receives 28% of its total non-transportation energy from renewable sources. FE expect to increase this percentage as caravans are gradually replaced with energy-efficient new houses. An ecologically engineered sewage treatment plant is designed to treat sewage from the population of up to 500 people living at the FE and is providing a research and educational facility to promote ecological water treatment technology throughout the world.

There is too much to mention of what is going on in the Findhorn Ecovillage that exists in Scotland. You must visit their website HERE, follow them on Facebook or Twitter or pay them a visit if you’re ever around the area.

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