Community Learning and Development Managers Scotland

CLDMSCommunity Learning and Development Managers Scotland (CLDMS) represents the managers of a variety of services in Scotland’s 32 local authorities. Many authorities have a service that is called ”Community Learning and Development”. Others use different names or organise their support to the various ‘strands’ of Community Learning and Development in different ways. But all have managers who recognise that they share a common professional approach and play an active part in our network.

These managers also represent, and through their work support, partnerships with a wide range of partners. These are people in the voluntary sector, educational institutions, the NHS, Police and others who have a role to play in different aspects of CLD.

CLDMS seeks not only to provide a national focus on professional issues, but also to promote improvements to the quality and extent of CLD provision in all sectors and demonstrate and draw attention to the benefits it can bring in the lives of individuals and communities.

CLDMS meet as a group at least four times a year. They also have active subgroups looking at particular topics and are represented on several national forums.

CLDMS acknowledge the support of Education Scotland towards coordinating our work and delivering our activities.

You can read CLDMS Development Plan for 2014-2016 at:

You can read CLDMS Constitution at:

References: Community Learning & Development Managers Scotland. 2018. Retrieved from

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