Greenspace Scotland

GSGreenspace Scotland (GS) is a social enterprise and an independent charitable company. GS work with a wide range of local and national partners to support the planning, development and sustainable management of greenspaces and green networks as a key part of the green infrastructure of our towns and cities. GS’s goal is that everyone living and working in urban Scotland has easy access to quality greenspaces that meet local needs and improve their quality of life.

GS’s projects, programmes and services are about transforming urban places into people places. GS holistic approach recognises that greenspace is a ‘vehicle’ for delivering a wide range of quality of life and quality of place outcomes.SDG_Icons-11

Building on the successful Network Membership, which has been taken up by over 150 organisations, they offer the opportunity to join them as a Supporting Member of GS. Becoming a Supporting Member demonstrates your commitment to the goal that everyone in urban Scotland has access to quality greenspace. Membership provides an ideal opportunity to support the work of GS and wider greenspace activity.

GS support a Scotland-wide network of greenspace partnerships, organisations and groups who are involved in creating, improving and managing urban greenspaces. The network offers opportunities for sharing knowledge, information and practice, as well as a way to engage and feed into national policy development and consultations.

To find out about current members and how you could join the Greenspace Scotland network visit their website HERE, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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