Community Development Alliance Scotland

Community Development Alliance Scotland (CDAS) brings together networks and organisations at the Scottish level to promote policy and practice that supports community development.CDAS

The objectives of the Alliance are to facilitate and raise the standards of community development practice and to develop and influence policy, practice and training; Enable exchange of information on community development policy; Provide a forum for the discussion and debate of issues of national importance related to community development; Provide opportunities for the study of specific aspects of community development; Advise the Scottish Government, its Agencies and Non-departmental Public Bodies, on matters relating to community development; Collaborate with national agencies and contribute to the development of national strategies.

CDAS is not a single-issue lobby group, but a partnership network that brings together perspectives that are crucial to many aspects of modern government and to local Community Planning and other partnerships. It supports better policy and practice on many issues of importance to the Scottish Government, by providing a forum for constructive and independent debate and commentary.

Visit Community Development Alliance Scotland website HERE for a wealth of shared knowledge.

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