Inspiring Scotland

ISCInspiring Scotland (IS) strives for a Scotland without poverty or disadvantage. IS work with people, their communities, charities and public bodies to develop solutions to some of the deepest social problems.  IS help essential charities to become extraordinary charities, allowing them to change the lives of the most vulnerable and transform our society.

Through IS’s thematic funds, they bring together the right people and organisations to design rigorous and innovative solutions. IS work in the communities that need it most and build strong partnerships with government and business to maximise their impact.

IS raise and manage funds as well as support charities to leverage more. IS study, research, evaluate, learn and share their knowledge, helping their portfolio to prove successes therefore becoming more effective.

IS are wanting to make Scotland a better place with each thematic fund, supporting every person, organisation and network within it, helping each to work towards their goal.

For more information on Inspiring Scotland visit their website HERE, or you can follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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