Community Energy Scotland

Community Energy Scotland (CES) is a registered charity that provides practical help for communities on green energy development and energy conservation.

CESIn response to a growing sustainable development agenda in Scotland, the Highlands and Islands Community Energy Company has evolved into an independent Scottish charity, CES.

CES believes that communities can become stronger, more self-reliant and resilient by generating their own energy and using it efficiently. CES provides education, finance and practical help. CES acts as a voice for communities who want to act now for a more secure and sustainable energy future in Scotland.

CES aims to advance community development and environmental protection through assisting in the provision of supporting social economy organisations within the voluntary sector and improving their financial sustainability with effective approaches such as, the creation and development of self-generating incomes and more effective use of energy and/or the installation of renewable energy technologies, plus much more than I can mention.

For more information on Community Energy Scotland visit their website HERE, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter and join their quest in creating a sustainable energy future for Scotland or implement their ideas in your part of the world.

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