Volunteer Scotland

“We have the ambition to help bring out the best in us as individuals, communities and a nation and we’ll work tirelessly to make a difference”

George Thomson, CEO


Scotland, more than ever, needs us all to share in the nation’s common good. The potential to bring out the best in us has never been better and Volunteer Scotland (VS) is here to support you by recognising the need for volunteers in Scotland and demonstrating how this brings about a difference for us all, as well as understanding what volunteers and volunteer involving organisations want to do, and by making volunteering easy for everyone, so that more people volunteer and have a great time.

VS are the only national centre for volunteering and receive funded support from the Scottish Government and others to research, demonstrate and measure the impact made by volunteers; Support paid staff and volunteers to develop skills through accessing training and easy to use volunteer development tools, policies and good practice; Offer a one stop digital gateway to everyone in Scotland who might want to find volunteer opportunities; Support organisations to post and advertise new volunteer opportunities and events through web-based tools; Provide an expert disclosure service for voluntary organisations; Help organisations and people who can influence volunteering such as funders, Government, and policy makers; Work with partners to support projects, innovation and creativity in volunteering.

For more information regarding Volunteer Scotland’s work visit their website HERE, or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

References: Volunteer Scotland. (n.d.). Retrieved from http://www.volunteerscotland.net/

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