Community Health Exchange

Community Health Exchange (CHEX) began in 1999 and is part of the Scottish Community Development Centre and receives funding from NHS Health Scotland. The CHEX team has a variety of backgrounds in; community-led health, housing, NHS and local authority.

CHECHEX promote and support community-led health where local communities identify the issues that are important to them and organise to take collective action to address these issues and improve their health.

CHEX networks with a wide range of community-led health initiatives including public sector partners who are tackling health inequalities in communities across Scotland.

CHEX works at two levels:

  1. Strategically they support community-led health initiatives to engage with policy makers and are also involved in a range of national working groups as appropriate.
  2. Operationally they help link community-led health initiatives, voluntary organisations and public-sector agencies together. Supporting effective community development practice to a wide range of health improvement interventions.

CHEX helps by influencing policy, sharing good practice, networking and sharing a wealth of information and resources.

To join or view this well-informed community-led health organisation visit their website HERE,

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