What Works Scotland

What Works Scotland (WWS) is an initiative improving the way local areas in Scotland use evidence to make decisions about public service development and reform, set up to explore how public services could start to work towards the recommendations of the Christie Commission on the Future Delivery of Public Services and the Scottish Government’s priorities for reform.

WWSWWS have modelled their method and practice on the emerging Scottish Approach to public service reform (PSR) as we have sought to learn what we can take from individual projects and interventions and spread this into system-wide change.

WWS now have a strong evidence base on the practices, structures and processes that underpin successful reform in the complex, multi-agency settings that today’s public services must work in at a time of unprecedented levels of change and uncertainly locally, nationally and globally.

In 2018 WWS is continuing to work in partnership with practitioners, and will ‘translate’ their research findings into practical and useful resources, including evidence-based solutions, training, programmes, toolkits and frameworks.

To view WWS’s informative publications, blogs, resources and more visit their website Here or join their mail list Here.

References: What Works Scotland. (2018). Retrieved from http://whatworksscotland.ac.uk/

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