The Routledge Handbook of Community Development – Perspectives from Around the Globe. Edited by Sue Kenny, Brian McGrath, Rhonda Phillips.

RoutledgeThe Routledge Handbook of Community Development explores community development theory and practice across the world. The book provides perspectives about community development as an interactive, relevant and sometimes contradictory way to address issues impacting the human condition. It promotes better understanding of the complexities and challenges in identifying, designing, implementing and evaluating community development constructs, applications and interventions. This edited volume discusses how community development is conceptualized as an approach, method or profession. Themes provide the scope of the book, with projects, issues or perspectives presented in each of these areas.

This handbook provides invaluable contextualized insights on the theory and practice of community development around core themes relevant in society. Each chapter explores and presents an issue, perspectives, project or case in the thematic areas, with regional and country context included. It is a must-read for students and researchers working in community development, planning and human geography and an essential reference for any professional engaged in community development.

This book of knowledge shares topics of Governance in Australia and New Zealand to rural insights in Sub-Saharan, Africa. Theories and innovation in Myanmar to sustainable livelihoods in Indonesia. From creative and culture-based approaches in the Philippines to Human Rights of children with disabilities in Melanesia or building communities of youth in Ireland, this book has a wide range of knowledge that is beneficial for social workers and community developers alike.

Kenny, S., Phillips, R., & McGrath, B., (2018). The Routledge Handbook of Community Development: Perspectives from Around the Globe. New York, NY: Routledge.

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