Social Investment Scotland

SISWhat is Social Investment Scotland? (SIS); they describe themselves as a charity and social enterprise. They provide investment for other charities and social enterprises looking to make a positive impact on people’s lives, society or the environment. Since we started in 2001, they have invested nearly £60 million in organisations across Scotland.

SIS suggest that they are Scotland’s leading provider of affordable, flexible, repayable investment for social enterprises. Their mission is to connect capital with communities to make a measurable and sustainable impact upon people’s lives.

SIS approach every social enterprise investment in an imaginative, creative and responsive way. No forms to fill in: just tell us your plans. We also aim to be a helpful, supportive ally throughout and help you deal with any difficulties you encounter along the road.

To get in contact with SIS and to see the numerous projects that are going on, pay them a visit through the link provided here Social Investment Scotland.

References: Social Investment Scotland. (2018). Retrieved from

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