Scottish Men’s Sheds Association

MHSThe Scottish Men’s Shed Association (SMSA) was launched in November 2015 with the aim of helping new and existing groups to set up and run a Men’s Shed in their local town or community.  SMSA are there to give a helping hand to anyone looking for assistance or more information on what it means to develop and run a Men’s Shed.

Visiting their website will bring a wealth of information that will help you to develop your plans; speak to the right people about funding and premises and information on how to approach people with your ideas for your Shed.  You will see what worked in the past for other groups and could help to provide potential funders or councils with the facts and figures you might need to make the strongest case you can for a Shed in your community.

SMSA are not here to tell you how to run your Shed or what you can and cannot do with your volunteers or community groups, its aim is to give you as much help and guidance as we can, drawing on our experience setting up and running Sheds in Scotland to make yours operate as smoothly as possible.

Please click Here to become an individual member online, which as we have said is completely free. This will also give you full access to the whole website. You can download important and helpful documents in the Members Only section which becomes available once you have logged in. It’s as easy as that to become a member and SMSA looks forward to connecting with you!

To find out more about what Scottish Men’s Sheds Association is about you can head over to their website Here, or follow them through Facebook or Twitter.

References: Scottish Men’s Shed Association. (2018). Retrieved from

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