Keep Scotland Beautiful

Keep Scotland Beautiful (KSB) is a charity that campaigns, acts and educates on a range of local, national and global issues to change behaviour and improve the quality of people’s lives and the places they care for. Having been part of the environmental landscape for over 50 years, they draw together government, local authorities, businesses, community groups and individuals in this common cause.KSB

KSB aim to help people to change the way they think about the environment and encourage them to act and to improve and protect it. Their goal is to make Scotland a cleaner, greener and more sustainable place to live, work and visit.

KSB provides environmental campaigns, services and practical initiatives that help Scotland with its environmental ambitions and problems. Our unique spectrum of activities focuses on four main areas: Sustainable Development Education, Local Environmental Quality, Sustainability and Climate Change, and Environmental Services.

For further information visit their website Keep Scotland Beautiful or follow them on Facebook or Twitter.

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