COPE Scotland

CopeCOPE Scotland (CS) describe themselves as a dynamic organisation that are led by people with lived experiences of mental distress and health inequalities.

The skills of the COPE team are used to empowering people individually and collectively to make positive changes to their lives; the lives of their families and local communities.

CS continue to explore new ways to help the communities it supports in West Glasgow, through improvements in services aimed at prevention of ill health, promotion of self-management and promoting health & well-being and working with others to challenge inequalities.

CS has no complicated referrals forms, you just phone or drop in, we will ask you a couple of questions and a return appointment to speak to someone face to face will be offered within 10 working days, sooner where possible. A return appointment after the initial session is offered within one week.

If you would like further information concerning this organisation from West Glasgow, here is the link COPE Scotland.

References: COPE Scotland. (2018). Retrieved from

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