An Online Sourcebook: Integrating Gender in Climate Change Adaptation Proposals

The impacts of climate change – drought, floods, extreme weather, and reduced food and water security – severely affect the most vulnerable groups, particularly women who are often dependent on the natural resources threatened by environmental change. But while women are disproportionately impacted, they have a unique and essential contribution to make in adapting to a changing climate, as many women manage water, food and fuel for their families.

The online Gender Sourcebook, developed by USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific and launched in 2014, enables project proponents to design gender-responsive climate change adaptation measures as well as projects, particularly in developing countries, by providing targeted, sector-specific guidance and real-life examples that are easy to follow and navigate on laptops and mobile devices. USAID Adapt Asia-Pacific also produced Gender and Climate Change Adaptation: A flexible training package with ICCCAD, which can be applied in various short courses and workshops.

The Sourcebook is intended to be used mainly by individuals and teams who prepare large-scale climate change adaptation (CCA) project proposals. The sourcebook covers major development sectors affected by a changing climate, including agriculture, coastal management, biodiversity conservation, energy, and transportation. Overall, it provides readers with tools to help answer the question, “How do we best go about incorporating gender considerations into our CCA proposal?”

We understand that Sourcebook readers will come from a wide array of backgrounds, including gender specialists, CCA specialists, engineers, economists and others. Users will find that each section of the Sourcebook is self-contained, alllowing you to go directly to those sections, tools, and sectors of particular relevance to your work.

Please click here for the Source book

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