Australia: Community Development Framework 2016 – 2020

The Central Land Council (CLC) is a statutory authority under the Aboriginal Land Rights (NT) Act 1976 and a Native Title Representative Body under the Native Title Act 1993. It is a leading Aboriginal advocacy agency with 40 years’ experience engaging with Aboriginal people and assisting them to get their land back. The CLC is now supporting Aboriginal groups to translate their land and native title rights into development outcomes.
The CLC is supporting Aboriginal development in the challenging Central Australian environment. External factors, particularly the ongoing disadvantage and marginalisation of many Aboriginal people, combined with the continued erosion of Aboriginal voice, power and control over community affairs, impacts on the capacity of Aboriginal people and their organisations to achieve development outcomes. Aware of these challenges, in 2005 the CLC embarked on a major new area of work in setting up a Community Development (CD) program to support transformational development with social, cultural and economic outcomes.

An earlier version of this Framework was endorsed by the CLC Executive in 2009 to inform the then new CD program and to promote the systematic application of a CD approach by CLC staff more generally. A growing body of evidence shows that the CLC’s CD approach as set out in the 2009 Framework is effective (Roche and Ensor, 2014; Kelly, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015). One of the strongest signs of this is the rapid growth of the CD program as Aboriginal groups increasingly choose to drive their own development through the CLC CD process.
This updated CLC CD Framework continues to draw on the literature and incorporates lessons the CLC has learnt in establishing its CD program over the last decade. It defines community development and related key concepts, as well as CLC CD principles. These principles are applied by staff from across the organisation. It also sets out the process used by the CD program, as well as the program’s goal, objectives and strategies. While this detail applies to the CD Program, other CLC staff involved in development roles, as well as other development agencies supporting Aboriginal-driven development, are encouraged to consider and trial its application. The CLC CD Framework is accompanied by a CLC CD Toolkit which includes a range of practical resources.

Click this link for the full CD Framework 2016


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