Community Development Alliance Scotland

Community Development Alliance Scotland (CDAS) is the independent network of national organisations that support the principles of community development.

This booklet talks about how stronger communities can help people to achieve change or improve their wellbeing; and how they can help us all to deliver on national and local priorities for our society. But mainly it invites you to think about what it takes to develop and support stronger communities.

The booklet has been produced by Community Development Alliance Scotland (see p20), the network for national organisations that support the principles of community development. It draws on two main sources: ™ Some examples of community development happening in very different contexts around Scotland ™ Some of the replies their member organisations gave when CDAS asked them about what community development means to them: how they see it as relevant to their work, and how their work contributes to it.

These examples of community action show that building stronger communities can be hard work, and a long term process requiring the building of trust and confidence. A strong community group enables a community to choose its own priorities and therefore needs to be autonomous and controlled by the community, and not be linked too closely to the priorities of any one service or funder. It keeps going even if policy and funding changes around it. But when things fall into place, ideas and actions can spring up quickly and sometimes unexpectedly.

How Community Development Happens.

Click this link for the full booklet: HCDH

Why stronger communities matter and what it takes to develop them.


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