Org: Mixit

“Mixit is a project that uses creativity to empower young people. It helps increase confidence, self-expression and communication skills. It’s a multi-cultural platform where young people with refugee backgrounds mix-it-up with local and migrant youth. It’s about bringing people together from a diversity of backgrounds and experiences and getting involved in creative projects together which offer opportunities to establish networks in your life – meet new people, artists and others who may be able to help you with the transitions from school into study, training and life.

The creative disciplines used are performing arts based and include dance, drama, music and aerial circus.

Mixit regularly performs, runs open courses, which don’t require previous experience but requires a willingness to turn up regularly.
We also participate in a range of community events – such as the AKL International Cultural Festival and youth events at Corban Estate Arts Centre.”

– Mixit Website – About Page – General info

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