Community Power Map – Institute for Self-Reliance (ILSR)

ILSR’s Community Power Map  is an illustration of the communities in the United states are moving toward 100% renewable energy. It shows in communities which are taking charge of their energies future, and how differing state policies help or hinder greater local action.

The Map provides markers to show local activity and layers to highlight state policies. The markers include:

  • Local Community Renewable Energy Projects, mostly community solar and community wind
  • Community Groups that are helping take charge of their community’s energy future
  • 100% Renewable commitments by cities, either for electricity for municipal use (small markers) or on behalf of the entire city (large markers).
  • Utility (Feed-in) Tariffs that allow small power producers a simplified path to selling energy from new, distributed renewable energy projects into the electric system.

View Map Here

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