Community empowerment collective

This is a “cafeteria-style” collection of training material for community workers who are engaged in helping low-income communities and their people to overcome poverty.  The strategies and methods described here apply equally to rural and urban contexts. It can also be useful to educators and teams initiating or upgrading community empowerment or development programs.  If you are planning a community program, a technical assistance program or a project that has a community element, then these documents may be helpful in your planning process.  If you are managing, supervising or administering a program focussed on community capacity development, or one that has a community strengthening component, this will aid you in understanding the methods and principles used by your staff, and therefore aid you in co-ordinating them. If you are a student or a researcher, this can be a source of materials on methods and principles — but it is not a source of academic or research materials.

Click here to access.

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