Paper: Theorizing Community Development -Jnanabrata Bhattacharyya


“This paper attempts a parsimonious definition of community development. It proposes that the purpose of community development is the pursuit of solidarity and agency by adhering to the principles of self-help, felt needs and participation. The erosion of solidarity and agency has been a historic process, connected particularly to the rise of industrial capitalism, the nation-state, and instrumental reason. Examples of community development practice as a positive response to the erosion are given from the fields of public health, violence, micro-economic development, and food. It also argues that “place” as a proxy for community has become conceptually as well as practically inadequate, and that effective community development calls for micro-macro coordination.”

Read paper here

Reference: Bhattacharyya, J. (2004). Theorizing community development. Community Development, 34(2), 5-34.

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