Chapter: Knowing Your Community – M. Homan

Chapter Highlights:

  • Perspectives on Community
  • Geographic and Interest communities
  • Community subsystems
  • Close communities
  • Benefit, action and target communities
  • Peripheral community
  • Basic community characteristics
  • Sources of community capital: environmental, physical, economic, human, political, informational, spiritual, cultural and social
  • Unmet community needs
  • Dangers of needs assessments
  • Identifying and valuing community assets
  • Participatory action research
  • Community readiness for change
  • Five stages of community life
  • The many resources of the library
  • Organizations and individuals as sources of information
  • The value of lists
  • Newspapers are more than just news
  • Using your eyes and ears as research tools

Full chapter: ch 5 Knowing your Community

Reference: Chapter 5 Knowing your community pp 96-108 in Homan, M. (2008) Promoting community change:making it happen in the real world. Brooks/Cole Belmont, CA

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