IACD Publications

Three publications from the International Association for Community Development

Practice Insights Issue 4: Community is the answer

This special edition of Practice Insights (click to open in a new window) looks back at the IACD ‘Community is the answer’ conference held in 2014. Its focus is upon community development and health, wealth and power.

This issue summarises key points, reflections and questions which were raised by the speakers, workshop presenters and delegates over the course of the four days we spent together in Glasgow. Many of the presentations and supporting papers which formed the basis of this edition of Practice Insights can be accessed freely on the Community is the answer conference website.

Practice Insights Issue 3: Community Resilience

The third issue of ‘Practice Insights’ explores the theme of community resilience. What are the benefits of community resilience, and how to foster it? What is the role of community resilience in face of disaster, and in everyday life?


Practice Insights Issue 2: Community Empowerment

This second issue of ‘Practice Insights‘ focuses on community empowerment, and includes articles from countries such as Australia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, Portugal and Scotland.

“What these articles highlight is that ‘community empowerment’ is a dynamic and diverse concept…. that refers both to the processes and practicesneeded to ensure participatory development and to the need to ensure thatstructures and institutions are enabling and supporting opportunities for community-led development…” (from the Editorial by Ingrid Burkett)

Practice Insights Issue 1: Poverty and Community Development

This is the first in IACD’s series of ‘Practice Insights’ publications, each focusing on an issue of particular importance in community development, as identified by our members.

This collection of articles offers a range of experiences, based on varying perspectives and approaches from around the world, exploring community development strategies to tackling poverty and inequality.


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