Course: Introduction to Community Development (ALISON)

Introduction-to-Community-Development-690x450Learn about Volunteering in the Community

“Community development plays a vital role in helping to combat many social issues including poverty, security, lack of social inclusion, gender inequality and the management of scares resources. Through this new free online Community Development course ALISON hopes to help improve the skills and management of these vital groups.”

Do you work or volunteer in your local community? Or have you just identified an issue that needs community participation?

ALISON’s new Introduction to Community Development course can help you get your community work off the ground by introducing you to the key concepts, what you need to do to get a community group started and how to organise a community group to take action.

The course will also look at volunteering, the role of volunteers and how to organise a team of volunteers to achieve community development objectives

Introduction to Community Development will help you identify issues to be actioned within the community, set up the right team and develop the strategies you can use to further your objectives.

Start the course here

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