Course: Delivering Community Development (ALISON)

Learn the key skills needed to deliver a successful community project.

Delivering Community Development is the second in a series of free online courses that will guide you in the delivery of a successful community development project. The course will also guide you on how to maintain momentum during a community development project and how to evaluate the effectiveness of the project.


Having completed this course you will be able to:
– Describe some key communication techniques and active listening;
– Explain the role and functions carried out by a facilitator;
– List the different media channels that can be used to engage with the public;
– List the roles of a leader and discuss the characteristics of an effective leader;
– Identify the key factors that make a successful partnership;
– Describe the functions of a coalition;
– Discuss the pros and cons of the various types of fundraising activity;
– Outline the components of a successful volunteer program;
– Explain why it is important to evaluate a community development project;
– Discuss the different project evaluation methods that can be used;
– Outline the ways which can improve the functioning of organizations;
– List activities that can help sustain momentum within a community group.

Take the course here

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